détecteur de fuites
leakage detector

If you hear the BUZZER sound, please do the following steps:

1. Make sure the noise comes out of your Joulia drain.

  • Remove the shower drain cover.
  • Turn the two latches 90 degrees upward and remove the green siphon hood.
  • The BUZZER in between heat exchanger and drain body is now easily visible and better hearable.

2. Call your plumber.

  • Because only your plumber is allowed to replace Joulia-Inlines heat exchanger.
  • If you don’t know this person please call your facility manager or tenant.

Please note: although your BUZZER is alarming, there is no danger. Thanks to Joulias double walled construction your drinking water is well protected and any leckage water will be guided directly to the waste water outlet.

So no chance for any damage.

For plumbers only:

3. Check if leckage water flows out of black rubber sleeves into the drain.

4. Pull out the black BUZZER box [a].

5. Get in touch with your local Joulia dealer and order a new heat exchanger.

  • please inform your local dealer about the heat exchanger model and the serial number on the cooper tubes.


For heat exchanger replacement:

6. Turn off cold water supply of your shower.

  • Fresh water pressure is now released before input of the heat exchanger.

7. Turn mixer valve to cold position and open it.

  • Fresh water pressure is now released after output of the heat exchanger.

8. Remove covering cap [b]

  • Underneath the covering cap an M3 thread is visible.

9. Pull cotter pins [c]

  • The easiest way to pull them is to use an M3 screw.

10. The whole heat exchanger [d] can now be pulled of the connection pieces [e].

11. Install the new heat exchanger.

  • Make sure the cotter pins are placed in the correct position and the covering caps are put on top.

12. Install the new BUZZER.

  • Make sure the black Buzzer box is pushed down the guidance and is in the correct positions.

  • Check if the BUZZER starts to sound if the black rubber sleeve is compressed by hand.

According to EN1717 (Regulation about protection against pollution of potable water installations) every heat exchanger device that contains fresh water, has to have a certain leckage detection. This leckage detection system is mandatory and there, to protect our fresh drinking water.

Take a screenshot and show this message at the hotel reception to get your present!

"I saved the world today."